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Mass Media Placement

Get your message out to the masses with smartly executed messages.

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Digital Marketing

Attract new clients through Geo-Fencing, Geo-Targeting, Search Re-targeting and Video Targeting

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Media Bill Audit

Ensure your hard earned dollars are getting you what your local business has paid for.

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Social Media Management

Before new clients call, they check out your social media pages.  How responsive are you? Can it be better?

Search Engine Optimazation
Search Engine Optimazation

Bringing clients to your website by executing an intelligent search engine optimization strategy.

Website Sketches
Website Design

Your website is the building block to your digital footprint and your online presence. Are you satisfied with your first impression and SEO ranking?


The Answers You Need




Using our years of experience in the media world we are able to leverage our knowledge to get you the best value for your hard earned dollar. Boyd Solutions Marketing lives for the changing landscape of the marketing world and will be student of the industry to help keep your business ahead of the ever changing curve.  We also understand your local market and how to engage potential clients through digital marketing, social media management, website design, search engine optimization (SEO) and media placement.  This allows us to get your message delivered to your community in a way that gets a response!

For us to best serve you it is imperative that we understand your business goals and your time frame for conquering this goal. Every business has different challenges, there is NEVER a cookie cutter approach.  Before Boyd Solutions Marketing takes on any job we will have a transparent conversation to make sure expectations are aligned, that we have an agreed upon strategy that incorporates the needed mediums to reach your customers in your market and a way to execute that strategy.  We view ourselves as a member of your team.  Your success is our passion.  Boyd Solutions Marketing wont stop until we reach your goals!

We believe there is a scientific method to advertising.  Boyd Solutions Marketing will identify the problem you are trying to solve, whether that is increasing foot traffic to a location, increasing sales for a specific product or service, increasing web traffic or social media engagement. Once the problem is discovered, we build and execute a plan to solve that problem. Through the power of TV, Radio, Billboards, Digital Marketing (Geo-Fence, Geo-Target, Search Retarget, Conversion Zones, Over The Top (OTT) Video Targeting) and Social Media Platforms our marketing strategy will have the right mix to perform as expected. Last, we measure the results to ensure you are getting the desired results.