Potential clients who need your services are going to search online for you before they ever contact you.  Boyd Solutions Marketing's job is to get you ranked at the top of the search engines to help drive engaged customers to your website, where you turn them into paying clients.


Search Engine Optimization is an ever changing moving target. Search engines, especially Google, are constantly updating their algorithms that crawl the web ranking your  website.  For a local business to get to and stay in the coveted top 3 positions in organic search they must dedicate time and effort to build their online presence.  Boyd Solutions Marketing focuses on 6 main categories to help improve your rankings:

1.  Meta Information - Title, Meta descriptions, Crawlability, URL, language, Key Words, Domain, Favicon

2.  Page Quality - Content, Frames, Mobile Optimization, Bold Tags, Image Seo, Social Networks, Ads, HTTPS

3.  Page Structure - H1 headings, Headings,

4.  Links - Internal links, External links,

5.  Server - HTTP redirects, HTTP header, Server performance,

6.  External Factors - Backlinks, Social Media popularity, Social Media Reviews

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